Susan Webb has been practicing yoga since 2010 and has been teaching yoga since 2017.  


She completed her 200hr, and Level One through the Baptiste Institute, Level One and Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma through Yogafit, Buti Yoga, and is in continuing education for Yoga for Trauma.


Her passion for yoga was and is continued to be inspired by her full time job as a EMT.  Since 2008 she has been a witness to trauma daily by helping thousands of people in the most difficult times of their lives.  She too is no stranger to trauma and her way of dealing with it was by unconsciously numbing and moving through the motions of daily life.  As a mother and wife she knew this was not sustainable and longed for healing.  Susan's journey began by practicing yoga, meditation and journaling at home a few times a week.  The day she took her first community class tears ran down her cheeks as this was the day she felt calmness and yet sense of empowerment in her body. That first class was pivotal she understands people just want to be seen and feel belonging and she left that class with the burning desire to bring this to her  community Merced.  


Susan will guide you through the same process that she used for her own healing which is a intimate dance of learning and unlearning. Her classes will help connect you to your true self by cultivating the art of listening to your innate wisdom. She will offer breathing practices, mediation and modifications.  Whether you are taking one of her hot yoga or Buti classes she always will encourage you to move your body in a way that honors oneself by asking our bodies "How do I feel?" "What do I need in this moment?" Empowering you to make the choices that feel in alignment with you. 



Hilda's yoga journey began 23 years ago while studying Health Education and Holistic Health at San Francisco State University. She selected a Hatha Yoga class as one of her electives, thinking it would be an easy nap time but instead was blown away by how it made her feel inside and out. She knew after the first class that yoga needed to be a part of her life forever. Practicing, eventually lead to a desire to deepen her practice, first getting some basic yoga certifications through AFFA & later embarking on a 200 hour teacher training journey through YogaFit and another 200 hour through the Yoga & Ayurveda Center.

Since then she has also added a kids yoga specialty training, a forest bathing certification, a trauma yoga specialty training, a yoga Nidra specialty training and a 50 hour Yin Yoga specialized teacher training to her skill set. She is currently working towards completing an additional 100 hour Holistic Whole Body Health Coach specialty certification, an Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga) certification and an additional 40 hour Yin Yoga certification, studying under Paul Grilley this time, one of the original developers of Yin yoga.

Hilda enjoys weaving the practices of physical asana, meditation, and pranayama into each of her practices. Join her on the mat for a time of physical progress, mental grounding, emotional release, introspection and an overall sense of clarity, peace and wellness.You can also always count on the use of aromatherapy in her classes.





Elizabeth practiced yoga informally and off and on for years before becoming more serious about it two years ago. She appreciates the stress reduction and centering she has experienced as a result, and finds that yoga has greatly improved her life. She loves the non-competitive aspect of yoga, which is much different from other sports she has been involved in, including running and swimming. Elizabeth completed YogaFit's Level One teacher training, and is excited to be able to share her passion for yoga with others.



Sylvia became committed to her yoga practice 3 years ago. She was thrilled to have found Fearless Yoga.

After 20 years as a peace officer, Sylvia found herself retired and in search of physical healing, peace and joy. A practice in yoga has helped put Sylvia on a path to self-discovery and physical well-being.  

Sylvia has completed Level One through Yoga-Fit, recently completed her Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Credential, and in November she received her 200 hour RYT credential through Yoga Alliance.

Sylvia has found a new love of teaching through the practice of yoga. 

In her class you will experience a Baptiste heated power yoga class focused on the physical and meditative techniques of yoga.

Carolyn Jennings*

Carolyn has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. One of her favorite yoga studios was in Antwerp, Belgium, and had an enormous living tree in the middle of the studio. She has lived in Merced now for 7 years and was certified through I Am Yoga in Turlock in 2020. She has constructed her own style of yoga that combines a vinyasa style sequence with rhythmic movements set to music, which she calls Danzaga. Join her for a weekend class via zoom!

*Independently Contracted



Kara has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and teaching on and off for the past 15 years. She grew up as a dancer with over 10 years of formal ballet training. This provided a strong foundation in body alignment, strength, flexibility, balance, attention to detail, and breathing. She practiced Hatha yoga as a student at Ohio State University, and was later introduced to Ashtanga yoga, her preferred practice, at Atlanta Yoga Shala. Although she fell in love with rigor of the Ashtanga practice, she developed a deeper understanding of proper alignment of the body, precision of asanas, anatomy, and sensitivity to injury, only after she studied Iyengar-style yoga with Leslie Howard, at Flying Zebra Yoga in Modesto, CA. As such, her preferred approach to practice and teaching most closely follows a modified Ashtanga series with Iyengar-like attention to proper alignment and sensitivity to injury. In her class, you can expect a physically rigorous practice with modifications for poses that allow safe practice at all levels. 

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